43/365: fat tuesday

I wanted to celebrate Fat Tuesday and, since I never met a cupcake I didn’t like, I decided to honor the day with King Cupcakes, following the recipe I found here.

After a nearly two-hour wait for the yeast to rise (including the nearly 45 minutes in which I set my bowl on top of the dryer in order to expedite the process), I was ready to knead my dough.

Nourish Day 43

Into the oven went the raw rolls.

Nourish Day 43

Out came golden domes.  (In the interim, the kitchen smelled like warm cinnamon buns Mmmmm!)

Nourish Day 43

And with the proper decorations, my Fat Tuesday was complete!  I’ll confess this now– after you’ve seen how pretty they are– I’ve never actually had King Cake before!  I don’t know if these tasted the way that King Cake is supposed to taste– but they were delicious in any case!  A great way to celebrate the day.

Nourish Day 43 Nourish Day 43 Nourish Day 43


    • Thanks Tami. In the event you’ve never had King Cake before (and you probably have– it was probably just me who was missing this seasonal delight), these cupcakes have a cinnamon roll consistency and more of that flavor that a traditional cupcake. And yes, they tasted as good as they looked!

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